Deli, Cheese, Vegetable, Fruit & Sandwich Platters

For your next party or function choose from a variety of different fresh party platters.  Each one is tasty, fresh and delicious.  We have something for every occasion.  Whether it’s a small family function, meetings or a neighbourhood block party!  The Italian Bakery’s Platters will leave people asking for more.

You can also create your own custom order.  Choose from anything in the store.  Make your guests think you made it- we won’t tell if you won’t.  Cheeses, fruits, vegetables, anti-pasta and tasty meats.  All fresh. All Great!

At the Italian Bakery, we have carefully handpicked the finest and freshest ingredients for each tray in order to make sure your event is simply elegant.  We know that entertaining for business as well as for pleasure is a part of our customers’ lives.  We also know that the quality and variety of foods offered can make your event a memorable one.  We want to be part of your event by simplifying your life and enriching your experience.


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