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Authentic Italian Cuisine, Baked Goods, Catering & Grocery Market

Conveniently Located in the Heart of Barrie

What’s in Store?

Restaurant Cafe

  • Coffee, Cappuccino
  • Breakfast Hot Table
  • Hand-Made Pizza
  • Lunch Hot Table
  • Take-Out or Eat-in


  • Baked Goods & Desserts
  • Fresh Breads

Italian Market

  • Ready-to-go Frozen Meals
  • Italian Grocery


  • Meals & Desserts for all kinds of events
  • Custom Cakes for any occassion
  • Gift Baskets.
Drop in for breakfast or lunch from our famous hot table or pizza station, pick up some sweet treats and groceries while you’re here!

What is Fuda?

Rocco and Rita, owners of The Italian Bakery, come from a strong traditional Mediterranean upbringing. Their hard work offers the sights and smells of their traditional home Calabria. Here at the Italian Bakery you can find culinary delicacies, family customary meals and groceries found in Italy, a true gem in the heart of Barrie, ON.

Restaurant & Cafe




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Culinary Delicacies for Breakfast, Lunch, Take-out & Special Events

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